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Admission Procedure and Important Dates

Enrollment in Budweis

Students will be assisted with the enrollment procedure at the University of South-Bohemia. The study department is located in the 2nd floor of building "A", No. 18 on the map, see Campus Map-Budweis, opening hours and contact.
The fee for administration and admission proceeding is 500 CZK.
In case of questions concerning the inscription, please contact vice-dean Sárka Klementová (sklement@jcu.cz) or the study department (studijni@prf.jcu.cz).

At USB it is necessary to enroll every semester (even when students stay in Linz).
At JKU the enrollment continues automatically.


There will be a provisional reservation of rooms in Budweis in the K4 building.
More information (price list, equipment, etc.): University Halls of Residence

Private dormitory nearby Campus Budweis (reservation must be done by students).

You can reach Budweis by train (approx. 2 hours), by FlixBus or by car (approx. 1h50min).

Students in the 3rd semester will receive an email in February with the offer to do a reservation in Julius Raab Heim (dormitory).
Further Student Dormitories in and around Campus Linz (reservation must be done by students)

International Students

The admission procedure at JKU Linz for international students (with non-Austrian academic qualification and certification) is depending on the country where the student comes from. Therefore contact the Admissions Office of JKU Linz at admission@jku.at, where you will obtain the correct information required for the admission at JKU Linz.

In this link some admission requirements for bachelor studies at JKU Linz are explained. For any questions regarding registration/enrollment in Austria please send an e-mail to: admission@jku.at


Non-EU citizens must apply for a resident permit for the country, where they will have residence during the respective semesters.
You can obtain information regarding visas and residence permits at the Austrian and Czech Consulate or Embassy located in your home country.

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Cross-Border Study of Bioinformatics at USB Budweis
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Further Informations

For further questions regarding the bachelor study Bioinformatics please contact us at bachelor@ml.jku.at.

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